1. Bureau de change - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
    Companies that frequently send employees abroad may essentially act as their own exchange by reimbursing their employees in the local currency and holding the foreign currency. If exchange rates are relatively stable, the fees charged by a bureau
  2. XE - Universal Currency Converter  
    Free currency converter lets you calculate currency and foreign exchange rates. Convert currencies, special units and precious $metals with this currency calculator
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    Live and historical exchange rate information for some of the most popular foreign currencies
  4. Home  
    Historical currency exchange rate data tables of current end-of-the-year currency closing prices dating from the year 1800 to present time. ... We have a total of 112 foreign currency exchange charts and 124 historical currency exchange rate data tables.
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    Currency Converter from Yahoo! Finance. Find the latest currency exchange rates and convert all major world currencies with our currency converter
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    Easily keep track of foreign exchange rates for 160 currencies. This service provides both current (updated every 30 minutes) and historical foreign exchange rates based on London close (11:30am EST)
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    Independently ranked as the world's favorite free Internet currency tools and services. ... The Interactive Currency Tableā„¢ allows you to create cross rate tables based in the currency of your choice, using current or historical rates.
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    Currencies Direct for all your foreign exchange and foreign payment needs whether Corporate or Individual. Currencies Direct offers forward contracts, international wires and draft payment services. ... Historical currency exchange rates charts
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    Kaboodle - FXHistory: historical currency exchange rates review and product info . Learn more about FXHistory: historical currency exchange rates, learn other people's perspectives, compare prices, and find out where to buy
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    Presents conversion rates for the Canadian dollar based on daily published exchange rates. ... Why is the currency I'm looking for not listed here? The Bank currently collects data for about 55 foreign currencies. This data is intended
  11. FRB: H.10--Foreign Exchange Rates, Web-Only Daily Update ...  
    The webpage that links to historical data from the H.10 release will also be updated once per week to pick up the daily data from the previous week. H.10 DAILY UPDATE: WEB RELEASE ONLY For immediate release FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES December 31,
  12. Exchange Rates  
    World currency exchange rates and currency exchange rate history
  13. Historical Exchange Rates | OANDA  
    FXHistory is the easiest tool to access the largest foreign exchange database on the Internet. To obtain the historical exchange rate for any currency pair, select the language, the range of dates and the currencies you would like to obtain exchange rates for.
  14. Foreign Currency Exchange Rates  
    The development of foreign exchange markets has long been helped by the economic policy ... That is the reason why, in order to understand how foreign currency exchange rates have an influence on our lives, we must review the historical facts that have shaped our destiny.
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    Pacific Exchange Rate Service: Current Exchange Rates; Database of Historical Exchange Rates; Canadian Dollar Services; Exchange Rate Economics; daily updated exchange rate data; exchange rate charts, plots, and diagrams
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    Get historic exchange rates for your past foreign expenses. To determine a past exchange rate, select your currencies and the date of your transaction
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    When you exchange foreign currency it is important to find the cheapest and best way to exchange currency. This post evaluates all of your options for buying foreign currency. ... Find current and historical foreign currency exchange rates:
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    The currency site provides free exchange rates information, currency tools, and low-cost forex trading
  19. Financial Management Service: Treasury Reporting Rates of ...  
    Please note: The Financial Management Service provides current and historical exchange rate information. We cannot provide advice on, or assistance with, investing in foreign currencies. This quarterly report reflects exchange rates at which the
  20. Bank of Israel - Foreign currency exchange rates  
    Bank of Israel - Foreign-Currency Exchange Rates ... For the nominal effective exchange rate series, indices and rates of change, click here. Additional information